Friday, June 3, 2016

Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon & Manaphy

.: It's been like three years ago after I left Pokemon Y rested in it's own plastic cover. I've stopped playing until the part I get Y, beating Elite Four and capturing Zygarde. Then it's just Monster Hunter all the way.

I used to be a Pokemon fan before (and that time I've played using emulator), but after having my own Nintendo 3DS and original copy of Pokemon Y, finally becoming the Pokemon Champion and then I've lost my motivation to continue playing it. One of the causes is I'm grinding my Monster Hunter weapon and armor.

With one unit of 3DS, you need to alternate between these two games. And for me to continue grinding all my pokemon until level 100 seems so boring because the highest level in Kalos is around 55 to 58 if I'm not mistaken? I used to grind two pokemon until they are 20 levels more in any wild pokemon in an area. When my Fennekin grows level 80, to beat like tons of level 58 pokemon seems ridiculous. Beating Elite Four over and over again also seems to weaken my grinding motivation.

If only The Pokemon Company makes the game to actually level up their wild pokemon in like one special hidden area it would be good. Say, in the new Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon there exist an island that cover all basic elements (fire water grass) where I can grind my pokemon. And the wild pokemon there will level up like 10 levels under my most powerful pokemon.

For example, If I got my Litten at level 80 so wild pokemon in that special area will have level 70. When I level up Litten at level 81, so wild pokemon will level up to 71. And so on. This, will make grinding up to 100 will be easier. Heehee.

(In emulator, you don't get to feel the level 100 pokemon because the cheat was too easy. Unlimited rare candy and walking speed over 9000 passing through invisible walls between rooms or big rocks makes level 100 too boring).

All of this rants is made because I never use the O-power. Damn. Why I didn't realize it before? You can grind and make money at the same time fighting inside the restaurant! (T, T )

But grinding in the wild can increase your chances of finding more shiny pokemon...

Enough of this, lemme share two Pokemon videos with you:

Remember guys, November 18, this year!~~

And 2016 is the year of free mythical Pokemon. Every month you can get mythical Pokemon either from the download from internet in your 3DS or by getting code from their website. I already got my shiny Yveltal and shiny Xernias and Manaphy, and too bad I missed the Zygarde gift...

And last but not least, this is a special unofficial noob render of the original casts of Pekomon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Enjoy~

It seems Solrock and Lunatone lacks the legendary/mythical appeal...

Nope, I don't get paid doing this. It's just a noob render and I mean no harm. Please Pokemon, gimme a shiny Mew... (T, T ) : "Can't wait to test the Pokemon Go~~"

Monday, September 14, 2015

Pekomon Just Go-t Real?!

.: Things that might be started from Google April Fool prank now just getting real.

This is Gotta Catch 'em All prank in March 2014:-

And then comes Team Rocket. Naaaaaaaaahhhh~~

Sorry, it's coming in 2016 guys...
If you think that you can't wait for this app to appear in App Store or in Google Play, I think you might be interested with this one = [ Pokemon PewDiePie Edition ]...

It's so literally sh***y and it appears in Pewd's video :-

Hey, watch it from 6:49! lol

That's all folks. Ehhh? : "I played Pokemon Blue in emulator when I was a kid because I can't afford GameBoy at that time. I even played it in my friend's computer. Hahaha. Now I got my own 3DS. ;-P "


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why Java is being targeted?

.: With all the news spreading the superior weakness of Java, let's start why they target the Java first.

A whooping 3 billion devices? Status: Installing insecurities...
While desktop wallpaper is not related, one of my friends just started learning how to create Android games with Java... Thinking about how to make extra money while doing the rat race from 8 to 5 Mon to Friday, I actually want to join the game wagon until this Java news appear... (Lazy excuse detected)

So, just a short post about Java. I've been uninstalling and re-installing Java so I can capture this installing screenshot. So did you uninstall your Java too? Why?

Reading materials: : "So, what is the next global language for all 3 billion devices then?"

Sunday, September 9, 2012

How to print screen together with mouse cursor in Windows 7?

.: Ouch!
Before this I thought I already put it in my blog this howto, but it seems that that howto is gone? Now I have to remind myself again how I capture my mouse cursor (mouse pointer?) inside my print screen.

And again, it's been a loooooooong time since I use IrfanView to capture screen my desktop because we can edit the software settings to capture our images with the mouse cursor, but too bad I forgot how to use IrfanView now...

Abe Shinzo did ask this same question in Yahoo! Answers, and the 'Alt+Prt Scr' hotkey did not work inside my 1Malaysia Netbook - is it because I'm using Windows 7 Starter instead of Windows XP like before? Alt+Prt Scr just capture the active app/window I've clicked before, not the whole desktop together with the wanted cursor. And Ctrl+Prt Scr is just like a normal Print Screen to me...

But in, it is interesting to learn that we can use third party software to do this capturing job, or we can try the Microsoft's Problem Steps Recorder. But user Wesley Murch states that their screen shots "are understandably low quality, didn't see settings for that" shows that I need to check for other options -> need more googling there.

Alas, my search is finally over. AddictiveTips comes with an article which is right on my target - Greenshot software is my lifesaver. hahahaha X-D 

Eh? More printscreen software if you scroll downwards? errrr...

Okay, I just use Greenshot though. If I'm not happy with it, RevoUninstaller can help me later, heehee. After trying once (I just want to capture one screen only), my review is Greenshot is quite an okay program. What's interesting is it comes with the camera click sound. Hurmm, okay, nicey~~

For those who struggles on what is print-screen-ting:- "Seriously, did Alt+Prt Scr work in your Windows? Why my Windows it didn't work??? It sure can save some space on my hard disk..."

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Uplink IM: Aiemm (Dreamy Game).

.: Haha, I just don't know where should I put this, hahaha X-D

Story 1:
Okay, after watching DMC 5 2012 trailer, I remembered that I used to download flash games from Kongregate and failed. And so I get the inspiration to make my own game after watching similar old-schooled Final Fantasy 2D games made by some fan.

Atelier Rgss (2012) [ Rpg Maker ] [ RPGツクール ]

The concept is quite simple, keep moving and take actions to progress in the game. Because I love sole person strategy games, RPG suit me a little (forever alone? naaahhhhh~~). And, with some googling techniques?, I've learned that there exists some softwares which can help me automate my game-making process. (Or I think so...).

Story 2:
One of my friends in UiTM Kota Samarahan shows me a hacking game which he is going to use in his IT presentations. I am pretty sure that he hates using cheats, and I was convinced that he was an elite hacker (in that game) where he can easily hack the virtual bank and take out the money without being traced. Oh, okay. It's just a game, but I've tried myself and failed 5 consecutive times because I am being traced by the game AI. Owww mannnnnnn... (Green envy feeling rises~~). How did he do that???

In case you might wondering what game it is, here is two Youtube vids which I love to share~

Uplink Trailer.

Uplink now for iPad

Nice eh? :-)

Story 3:
How about, we create a game, 2D game, just like Uplink concept, but with "Internet Marketing" theme? hehehe ;-) And of course I don't like it to be dull with two or threen color tone, because we can make it as colorful as we can. Because Internet Marketing is lovely lively, right? heheh~~

As I write before, I had a little confusion where to put this post to - is it here or in my Aiemm blog? So, to chase the confusion away, here is a video of DMC preview from the 2012 Gamescom held in Cologne, Germany.

DmC Devil May Cry - Gamescom 2012 Trailer (JPsub) : "When will this Uplink IM finishes? I've thought about using Microsoft PowerPoint *animations* as my alternative game engine...."

Friday, July 6, 2012

On-Screen 3D Glasses Viewer for 2D Monitor

.: I was so excited about the new KMPlayer I've installed into my PC. It has the Windows 8 interface, whoaaaaa~~ :-D

KMPlayer GUI.

But after some exploration, this functions bugs me out... How can I use it properly?? :-?

Yup, this is he bug.

It turns out that KMPlayer is able to 3D-ding my video, oh yeah~~ :-D

The other red green world...

So, as I thought it should be, Google might have what you call it - "On-Screen 3D Glasses Viewer", just like the "Microsoft Ease of Access On-screen keyboard" because I don't have the 3D glasses with me right now. Too bad, uncle G failed my searching quest. It's because nobody has build the on-screen 3D glasses software yet... :-(

It's okay, because while in search of my on-screen thing, I've found this old post of Engadget that should be the first functional priority for the new 3D Ultrabook sold in future.

Link = Privacy Monitor Hack (Engadget)

Err.. I thought it would be okay to have individually-manufactured-with-password 3D glasses for each and every 3D Ultrabook, but that would be very wasteful. Because the basic concept of this private 3D monitor is by stripping one visual layer, so by buying almost any "individually-manufactured-with-password 3D glasses" you can still view anyone with this 3D Ultrabook, right? (Should be a neat idea, but still wasteful. On second thought, by making Google Glass comes with password protected function so only the authorized owner can view his or her 3D Ultrabook, hey, this privacy screen thing can really work!) :-P

Alright, nite-dreaming ends here. This is a mix of what I've found from my failed on-screen 3D googling...

(i) Microsoft Surface 2.0

Oh, another neat idea from Jan 31st, 2011~ I put it here because I'm still waiting for the transfer between touchscreen as you seen in the Avatar movie. And also because the screen background was so beautiful, heehee ;-)

(ii) BendDesk: Multi-touch on a Curved Display

This is how Guitar Hero arcade looks like in future~ ;-)

X-D : "Wonder why they didn't create the on-screen 3D glasses software? Because they already created the screen that already using the 3D glasses!"

X-O What? TV screen now wears glasses? X-O

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Google Glass: 5Gb Limit

.: mula-mula masa tertengok video ni rasa macam kena April Fool, tapi tetap tengok juga. Apa kata kita sama-sama kena, boleh?

Project Glass: One day...

Hehe, sangat best Glass nih - semuanya 2D (Di Depan sahaja), haha :-P Konsepnya menarik, tapi macam terlalu into the future. Mungkin edisi versi 3D akan keluar tidak lama lagi? untuk menonton cerita di panggung wayang? Akan tetapi...

Watch this demo.

Project Glass: Live Demo At Google I/O

Ouch! Tersangatlah awesomeness, MasyaAllah! :-O

Memandangkan demonya tersangatlah meyakinkan, bagi masa dalam dua tahun setengah kita rakyat Malaysia dapatla subscribe data plan beserta Google Glass daripada <the most powerful telco provider that cooperates with the winning party in our incoming 2012 election here> (pun intended) dengan quota maksimum 5Gb sahaja...

Apa??? 5 gig only???

Bha, gurau aja itu ba. Jangan ambil serius bhaaa~~ :-P

Mamdoh tak sangka pula, ingatkan cuma imaginasi omputeh aja, tapi betul-betul dibuatnya. terlampau diorang nih. Terlampau maju advance. Iyya, series. Memang tak sangka betul-betul dibuatnya yang "working unit", waduhhh.... Tapi memang dahsyat tau, bila research dan innovation kalau ada super funding tajaan, memang menjadik. Kalau ada duit baru barang jalan kan? Kalau takde duit (belanja), apa-apapun tak berjalan kalau zaman sekarang? :-?

hohohoho, jangan under estimate pandang rendah omputeh bila jiwa sains menyelidik dan inovasinya bergelora bergelojak ganas. Takde duit pun dia akan usahakan. Sama juga dengan orang Jepun, perghhhh.. Teringat satu buku yang dipinjam tapi dah terlebih tarikh pemulangan - buku "Kenapa Saya Tidak Berfikir Begitu?" oleh Ainon Mohd. dan Abdullah Hassan, keluaran PTS Consultants Sdn bhd 2005. Entah tiba-tiba nak pinjam buku lepas renew memperbaharui buku untuk kawan. Mamdoh rasa boleh diaplikasikan dalam pembinaan blog-blog mamdoh~ ;-)

Nak share satu lagi buku, kalau ada duit lebih memang nak beli. Mamdoh ada baca excerpts petikannya dari Amazon, memang best buku nih bagi jiwa blogger tapi menulis kadang-kadang: buku "I'm Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59" oleh Douglass Edwards.

Tapi harganya, tambah tolak pun dalam RM 40 ni, huhuhu.. :-x Kalau RM 40 bagi mamdoh boleh beli macam-macam, huhu.. Ada terfikir untuk buat jahat, nasib baek tak jumpa masa googling tadi, huhuhu.. Rm 40, di mana kamoooooo??~~~

Tapi sayang, Amazon dah
berjaya rebut paten cermin mata
bergaya dulu...
Balik kepada cerita Google Glass tadi, dalam demo tu mereka tunjukkan dengan sesi Hangouts dari Google Plus. Memangla best lagi menarik tengok streaming dari Glass sangat laju dalam Hangouts, tapi bila memikirkan Malaysia masih belum power dan laju untuk internet connectivity dia, mungkin kita akan terkena Glass yang macam iklan Maxis Fibre tu - asik tersekat-sekat kerana loading melampau. Internet kat Malaysia ni ada macam-macam hal. Bila baca ketidakpuasan hati pengguna lain dan juga diri sendiri, rasa nak marah juga kepada pemimpin kerana slack cuai dalam menyuarakan dan menguatkuasakan undang-undang agar telco + internet provider tidak overcharge dan menipu. 

Wait, apa fungsi SKMM/MCMC???
(Website dari zaman stonehenge mana SKMM ni? Masih nak guna flash intro lagi dengan 'Enter website'? Semua orang nak simple one-click access ja. Ni tambah satu click lagi baru dapat masuk, adududududuuuu~~ Buat header sudeyyyyyyy~~)

Dengan had 5Gigabyte aja, huhuhu, tak puas juga bila pakai Glass kena bertop up top up isian semula. Sengal la. Hanya mereka-mereka yang berbelanja besar dengan memilih pelan termahal lagi unlimited aja baru pueh hati memakai Glass. huhuhuhu... ;-(

Dalam banyak-banyak kebaikan Glass (merujuk kepada video paling pertama tadi), kita harap ia tak berakhir atau terjadi yang begini... Link =  [ How We’ll Really Use Google Glass [SUNDAY COMICS] ]...

Itu aja celoteh untuk nukilan posting catitan kali ini. Macam biasa, ada link lagi~~ : "saya taknak Glass yang edisi cermin mata. saya nak Glass versi add-on - boleh main lekat sambung kat cermin mata yang saya pakai ni terus. Ala-ala klip la gitu. Memang Glass akan jadik lagi best dari Myvi Lagi Best."