Friday, June 3, 2016

Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon & Manaphy

.: It's been like three years ago after I left Pokemon Y rested in it's own plastic cover. I've stopped playing until the part I get Y, beating Elite Four and capturing Zygarde. Then it's just Monster Hunter all the way.

I used to be a Pokemon fan before (and that time I've played using emulator), but after having my own Nintendo 3DS and original copy of Pokemon Y, finally becoming the Pokemon Champion and then I've lost my motivation to continue playing it. One of the causes is I'm grinding my Monster Hunter weapon and armor.

With one unit of 3DS, you need to alternate between these two games. And for me to continue grinding all my pokemon until level 100 seems so boring because the highest level in Kalos is around 55 to 58 if I'm not mistaken? I used to grind two pokemon until they are 20 levels more in any wild pokemon in an area. When my Fennekin grows level 80, to beat like tons of level 58 pokemon seems ridiculous. Beating Elite Four over and over again also seems to weaken my grinding motivation.

If only The Pokemon Company makes the game to actually level up their wild pokemon in like one special hidden area it would be good. Say, in the new Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon there exist an island that cover all basic elements (fire water grass) where I can grind my pokemon. And the wild pokemon there will level up like 10 levels under my most powerful pokemon.

For example, If I got my Litten at level 80 so wild pokemon in that special area will have level 70. When I level up Litten at level 81, so wild pokemon will level up to 71. And so on. This, will make grinding up to 100 will be easier. Heehee.

(In emulator, you don't get to feel the level 100 pokemon because the cheat was too easy. Unlimited rare candy and walking speed over 9000 passing through invisible walls between rooms or big rocks makes level 100 too boring).

All of this rants is made because I never use the O-power. Damn. Why I didn't realize it before? You can grind and make money at the same time fighting inside the restaurant! (T, T )

But grinding in the wild can increase your chances of finding more shiny pokemon...

Enough of this, lemme share two Pokemon videos with you:

Remember guys, November 18, this year!~~

And 2016 is the year of free mythical Pokemon. Every month you can get mythical Pokemon either from the download from internet in your 3DS or by getting code from their website. I already got my shiny Yveltal and shiny Xernias and Manaphy, and too bad I missed the Zygarde gift...

And last but not least, this is a special unofficial noob render of the original casts of Pekomon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Enjoy~

It seems Solrock and Lunatone lacks the legendary/mythical appeal...

Nope, I don't get paid doing this. It's just a noob render and I mean no harm. Please Pokemon, gimme a shiny Mew... (T, T ) : "Can't wait to test the Pokemon Go~~"


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